AccuSpray™ VSS-1000

AccuSpray™ VSS-1000

This may be the ultimate sidewalk sprayer. With its 100-gallon capacity, 4-foot boom and spot spraying wand, the compact VSS-1000 conveniently fits utility vehicles, making it perfect for sidewalks and pedestrian walkways.

Spray Wand

  • Reaches areas where vehicles can’t go.
  • Comes with 50 feet of hose on a 100-foot reel.
  • Features durable design.

3-Position Nozzles

The three-position nozzles give the VSS-1000 extra versatility. Choose from triple-stream, single-stream and wide-fan application settings to accommodate any condition.

Empty Weight 172 lb
Overall Length 60"
Overall Height 50"
Overall Width 48" boom
Floor Length 45"
Floor Width 32"
Tank Length 37"
Tank Width 30"
Capacity 100 gal
Spraying Width 6'
Spraying Volume 20 gal per acre at 10 mph
Speed Control On/off switch for each pump
Wiring Harness Multiple gauge harness with molded plug
Frame Powder coated steel
Tank One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly tank with baffles
Motors 12-volt direct-drive pumps
Mounting Straps included