Looking for a more basic sprayer to get started in pre-wetting? Look no further than the PWS-100. This easy-to-use sprayer is compatible with our SP-1875, SP-3000, SP-6000 and SP-7550 spreaders, but it can also be used with spreaders from other manufacturers to wet material before it hits the spinner.

Cab-Mounted Control

A simple cab-mounted control turns the sprayer on and off. Pre-wetting doesn’t get much easier than this.

Reliable 12-Volt Motor

Like many other SnowEx® products, the PWS-100 is completely electric powered. It comes with a low-maintenance 12-volt motor and direct-drive pump for consistent, reliable operation.

Empty Weight 45 lb
Overall Length 34"
Overall Height 17"
Overall Width 11"
Capacity 30 gal
Spraying Volume 2 gpm
Speed Control On/off switch
Wiring Harness 12-gauge
Tank One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly
Motors 12-volt direct-drive diaphragm pump
Mounting Strap included