Henderson FSP

FSP is a reliable and rugged Sand & Salt Spreader that fits any size Pickup. Installs almost instantly. Available in a variety of lengths with capacities up to 4.0 cubic yards.

Options include: premium cab controls, top grate screens, 12" long spinner chute, 6" or 12" side extensions, inverted vee, 201 or 304 stainless steel, Honda engine, vehicle battery wiring harness, spreader battery kit, center high-mounted stop lamp kit, hold-down kit, pre-wet system and more.

Adjustable & Precision Spread Patterns!
The Direct Cast is an upgrade that replaces the traditional free wheeling spinner. With the Direct Cast's on-the-go precision material placement, you'll cover more ground and ensure material is dropped exactly where you need it.

Electric Control - Now Available!
The FSP sand/salt spreader can be partnered with the CHARGE all electric control system. Class 8 snow and ice control trucks and their complex central hydraulic systems have reigned King for years when it came to managing multiple pieces of equipment tasked with battling the elements. The CHARGE delivers the same big truck flexibility and capabilities to class 3-7 chassis.


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