Ground Drive

Ground Drive

The SnowEx® SP-1225G is a ground-drive spreader designed for sidewalks, parking lots and other off-road specialty applications. The unit spreads bagged rock salt and chloride pellets, and is equipped with a lawn-and-garden style hitch for towing behind compact tractors, ATVs and utility vehicles.

Hit The Ground Running

Simple and efficient, the SP-1225G ground drive system is comprised of a heavy-duty transmission and large, narrow pneumatic tires that will maintain maximum traction on snow and ice.

Right Where Salt Belongs

  • An available deflector skirt kit adjusts the spread width for sidewalk applications, narrowing the spreader’s focus to the target area only.
  • Limiting the spread pattern keeps material from being wasted off the edges of a sidewalk or driving path.

Manual Flow Gate

Aided by a positive locking feature, the manual flow gate allows precise calibration and spreading control. It opens and closes via a 14-foot cable.

Adjustable Spinner

The spreader’s adjustable spinner fine tunes the spread pattern and is constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Empty Weight 190 lb
Overall Length 30" excl. trailer tongue
Overall Height 30"
Overall Width 44"
Capacity (Volume) 12.0 cu ft
Capacity (Weight) 960 lb
Spreading Width Up to 40' @ 5 mph
Speed Control Controlled by tow vehicle ground speed
Frame Powder coated steel
Hopper One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly
Spinner Drive Assembly Ground-driven transmission
Spinner 12" adjustable stainless steel spinner
Mounting Integral trailer
Cover Standard