SnowEx® SP-7000 towable spreader

SnowEx® SP-7000 towable spreader

The SnowEx® SP-7000 towable spreader frees up your vehicle to take on other tasks, such as carrying spreading materials, snow blowers or other equipment. With a sizeable capacity of 1.4 cubic yards, the SP-7000 is a great spreader for parking lots and garages, college and institutional campuses and private roadways.

Electric Shutoff Gate

The SP-7000 comes standard with a convenient electric shutoff gate to open and close the spreader throat. The gate can also be actuated by the spreader controller to ensure that material doesn’t spill during transport.

Efficient Direct Drive Transmission

  • Encourages efficient flow throughout the hopper to the spinner by reducing potential binding and bridging of materials.
  • Compact, independent weather-resistant patented motor transmission.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel construction, providing maximum torque.

Adjustable Spinner

The spreader’s adjustable spinner fine tunes the spread pattern and is constructed of stainless steel to resist corrosion.

Speed Control

Weatherproof digital control independently adjusts the speed of the material feed system and the spinner.


Attached vibrator reduces material clumping for continuous material flow.

Inverted “V”

Patented vibrating baffle configuration maximizes material flow.

Fitted Tarp

A tarp fitted to the spreader’s dimensions protects material from outside weather elements.

Empty Weight 985 lb
Overall Length 128"
Overall Height 60"
Overall Width 64"
Hopper Length 78"
Hopper Width 49"
Capacity (Volume) 1.5 cu yd
Capacity (Weight) 3,240 lb
Spreading Width Up to 30'
Speed Control Weather proof, digital, self-diagnosing dual variable-speed control
Wiring Harness Completely loomed with molded plugs
Frame Powder coated steel
Hopper One-piece LLDPE safety yellow poly with integral vertical rib construction
Motors Dual 12-volt DC direct-drive motors mounted in weather resistant enclosure
Spinner Drive Assembly Compact, independent weather-tight patented motor transmission
Spinner 18" stainless steel with adjustable flights
Auger Drive Assembly Heavy-duty solid steel construction with maximum-torque motor transmission drive
Auger 5" heavy-duty variable pitch steel flighting transverse auger
Mounting Integral trailer
Top Screen 5/16" steel rod construction with grid pattern
Cover Fitted tarp
Vibrator Standard heavy-duty 12-volt DC
Inverted "V" Patented vibrating inverted "V" to maximize material flow