Casper's Truck Equipment offers a full line of Premium Granular Ice Control Products.GranularImage

Premium granular deicers give the advantages of a liquid product with the ease of use of granular, no special equipment is needed.

All premium products are coated with liquid, are screened to a uniform size, and are ready to use out of the bag.

What it means for you:
  1. Products will work at a lower pavement tempature
  2. Products have more staying power (longer lasting)
  3. Reduces corrosivity
  4. Uniform size allow for more control over product dispensing
  5. Use less product (save up to 30%)
  6. All in a ready to use, easy to store bag
Available in 20 lbs. bags, 50 lbs. bags or 2,000 lbs. super sacks
Call for pallet pricing.