Henderson Snowfoe Series - Snow Plows

Searching for a top quality snow plow maker or manufacturer? You found them! A primary focus of Henderson Products is manufacturing premium snow plows of all shapes and sizes, built for use with class 3 to class 8 chassis. Our designs include reversible snow plows, one-way snow plows, flexible moldboard snow plows, expressway snow plows and even a squeegee blade attachment for clean up after the initial push. See the complete line-up of front mounted snow plow systems below.


Henderson - Squee-GHenderson's Squee-G is an advanced first pass system. It consists of a large rubber blade that is positioned directly behind the moldboard and hydraulically operated from inside the cab. The Squee-G is capable of being engaged or disengaged on-the-go and conforms effortlessly to surface variations. The Squee-G's primary function is to discard excess snow, ice and slush the moldboard leaves behind.

Adding the optional Squee-G to your Henderson snow plows will help reduce the need and cost associated with applying chemicals to roadways. You'll also save on fuel, by reducing the number of passes required to achieve clear roads.


Henderson RSP

Our state-of-the-art Reversible Snow Plow. The RSP manhandles snow and ice with a unique design that keeps its nose to the grindstone even in the most demanding conditions. Yet it's priced to stay within budget.


Henderson RSP-OC

The RSP-OC is a Reversible Snow Plow, controlled by dual Outboard Cylinders. Its trip edge provides the reliability needed to withstand today's tough road conditions. The clean box shaped A-frame offers superior strength, while minimizing pocket areas that commonly catch salt and other corrosion causing chemicals.


Henderson STRP

The RSP-ST is our Slotted Trip Reversible Snow Plow, designed with a much flatter cutting edge angle. This design allows for use at higher rates of speed. It's ability to overcome larger obstacles, makes it one of the safest plows roaming our streets today.

RSP Flex

Henderson STRP

The RSP Flex offers customers a flexible moldboard, capable of adapting to snow conditions on-the-fly. This true reversible snow plow is powered by its outboard cylinders, controlling the direction of cast. Change from a conventional snow plow to a one-way snow plow (left or right) in a moments notice. It was also designed to fit all Henderson hitch styles.

Last, but not least, you'll enjoy the option of adding Henderson's Squee-G wiper blade system to meet your slush removal requirements.


Henderson OWP

With our One-Way Snow Plow, you'll roll snow and ice right out of your way. Its rugged moldboard is continuous-welded, providing years of hard use. The One-Way Snow Plow also improves driver visibility by minimizing drift and is self-cleaning.


Henderson OWR

The One-Way Reversible Snow Plow casts snow farther, at higher speeds. Its reversible action allows flexibility in different plowing situations. Affordably priced to keep you within budget.

Expressway Plow

Henderson Expressway Plow

The Expressway Snow Plow gives you the versatility of a reversible plow combined with the efficiency of a one-way plow. With its dual sided discharge, ability to cast snow great distances and being designed to operate at interstate speeds, the Henderson Expressway Plow is a flat-out winner.


Henderson MSP

The MSP is a Mid-size Reversible Snow Plow. Get heavy duty, snow moving muscle for your mid-size truck. Its strong, rolled moldboard literally rolls snow away with ease and remains level on any road condition.


Henderson MTP

The MTP is a true Medium-duty Trip-edge Reversible Snow Plow. Get heavy-duty features and results with medium-duty work trucks (designed for use with classes 3-5). A few key features are the dual outboard reversing cylinders, moldboard options (poly, carbon steel or stainless steel), level lift, reinforced pivot points and adjustable trip-edge torsion springs. Designed to work with most brands of medium-duty work trucks.

Henderson's MTP snow plow also expands your business and capabilities beyond cul-de-sacs and parking lots. Now your medium-duty work truck can also assist with the clearance of side streets.

MTP Flex

Henderson MTP Flex

The MTP Flex is a Flexible Medium-duty Trip-edge Snow Plow. This feature rich snow plow is designed for use with most medium-duty work trucks, classes 3-5. Key features include: flexible moldboard, dual outboard reversing cylinders, level lift, reinforced pivot points and adjustable trip-edge torsion springs.

Henderson's MTP Flex snow plow also expands your business and capabilities beyond cul-de-sacs and parking lots. Now your medium-duty work truck can also assist with the clearance of side streets.

Electric Control - Now Available!

The MSP, MTP, and MTP Flex snow plow can be partnered with the CHARGE all electric control system. Class 8 snow and ice control trucks and their complex central hydraulic systems have reigned King for years when it came to managing multiple pieces of equipment tasked with battling the elements. The CHARGE delivers the same big truck flexibility and capabilities to class 3-7 chassis.

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