Henderson Snowfoe Series - Snow Plow Wings

Smart Link

Henderson Smart LinkSpin the clock ahead about 15 years. What you’ll find is the evolution of the floating wing mast, also known as the Smart Link. Evolution comes when you incorporate rotation into the equation. Combined, float and rotation provide the moldboard with a natural trip. A wing fitted with a Smart Link mast enjoys effortless conformance to varying road conditions, virtual loss of toe dig, the elimination of mast/slide binding, the elimination of violent wing kick, a huge reduction in applied side load forces and 11” of float.

The Smart Link’s low profile design immediately improves a driver’s line of vision, offers easy access to the engine compartment and allows for mounting behind the cab. The Smart Link fits conveniently underneath most municipal body styles.

The Smart Link is a patent pending and feature rich product. It was designed for a smoother and safer wing operating experience. Retrofit kits are also available for purchase.

Henderson Wing System

Henderson - HWS

We went back to the drawing board with the Henderson Wing System (HWS). With many years of wing manufacturing logged, we knew it was time to build towards the future. Our goal was delivering a modular design with interchangeable parts, while surpassing our own high standards.

The HWS (Henderson Wing System) replaces the aging patrol and mid-mount wing designs. The innovative design behind the HWS brings substantial enhancements to the front mast. The extreme duty fabricated I-beam mast is now a standard trademark of the HWS. We also added a 3-postition pin float adjustment to the base of the mast, compensating for truck sag. The king pin's diameter has been increased and a handle added, bolstering its strength and ease of maintenance. The Dee has been simplified to accommodate non-trip, trip and front heel lift designs. Couple these features with multiple location configurations, adjustable ribs, several moldboard options and you have a wing system ready for almost anything.

When it comes to front, mid or rear mount wings systems built around Midwest plowing operations, the HWS rules them all.

SD Leveling Wing

Henderson - SD Leveling Wing

The Severe Duty Leveling Wing complements Henderson SNOWFOE plows, MuniBodies and sand & salt spreaders to help you show inclement weather who's boss. It removes or "benches back" heavy snow.

As expected, it's made with the same exemplary design features and build quality as with the complete Henderson snow & ice control product line. This starts with the formed 7 gauge steel moldboard for superior wear and increased strength to withstand the most vigorous winter conditions.

Severe Duty Hydraulic Leveling Wing

Henderson - SDH Leveling Wing

The Severe Duty Hydraulic Leveling Wing removes or "benches back" heavy snow. The 'SDH' Leveling Wing is easily deployed to reduce crew fatigue. Three hydraulic cylinders provide complete fingertip control of the moldboard's heel and toe. This allows the ultimate in snow removal for varying conditions.

Ext Mid-Mount Wing

Henderson - Extendable Mid-Mount Wing

In your search for a wing that is easy to operate and easy to see, the Henderson Extendable Wing is the perfect choice. Whether you are just trying your first wing system or have a fleet of professional wing operators, the fact that this wing takes up less chassis frame rail and tucks back with less clearance issues is a welcomed change. This is a simple effective addition to extend the reach of your plow truck gets in each pass.

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