2020 International HV507 SFA Plow Truck

2020 International HV507 Plow Truck

Force America hydraulic System

FASD45-Kit 6.0 cid front mount pump
VT-35 gallon stainless steel oil reservoir & valve enclosure
Cable Controls
5100 EX electric controls for auger and spinner

Henderson 10’ Mark E Heavy Duty Dump Body and Hoist

One Piece 201 stainless steel 7 gauge sides and front head sheet
One piece 3/16" AR400 seamless floor
7 Gauge 201 stainless steel full depth rear corner posts
Body is natural stainless steel finish
Mailhot CS 90-4.5-3 DA (double acting) trunnion mounted hoist
Air tailgate
20x78 stainless steel cab shield
Grip strut walk rail, both sides

LED Lighting Package:

LED recessed stop / tail / directional lights recessed in rear corner posts
LED strobe lights recessed in rear corner posts
Whelen MC16PA LED low profile mini light bar mounted to a self level bracket on cab guard, centered
LED Spreader light
LED Wing light
LED backup lights recessed in rear corner posts

Universal Pin & Loop Hitch

Low profile design
3 1/2 x 10" double acting lift cylinder

Universal CST-11-43 Power reversible Snow Plow

10 gauge moldboard
Plow portion of loop hitch
Two heavy duty 4"x10" power reversing cylinders with 2" chrome plated rods
Reversing cylinders are mounted above the push frame
Rubber snow flap
Plow end markers
Parking Jack

Universal AHW/UTF 9' Wing

9ft. moldboard length
30in. straight moldboard height
3/16. moldboard thickness
Eight 1/2" ribs, fully welded
8" float at the toe
Heavy duty adjustable spring loaded push beam with shear pin
Double acting toe cylinder with 3 1/2" bore and 2" nitrided rod
Double acting 4" x 13" D-cell type heel cylinder with 2' Nitrided rod

Henderson TGS-9 Stainless Steel Under Tailgate Material Spreader

9” continuous flight auger
7 gauge trough and rear panel, ¼” end plates, all 201 stainless steel.
Auger is driven by high torque, low speed, 45.6 CIR motor directly coupled to the auger
201 stainless steel stationary shield mounted in front of the spinner to protect truck under carriage
Custom spill shields


Unit #: 108412
Truck Type: PLOW
Engine Model: L9Engine HP350
Trans Make: ALLISON
Trans Model: 3000 RDS 6 Spd
Suspension Type: Spring
Rear End Ratio: 6.14
Wheelbase: 161
Trans Speed: Automatic