Asphalt Maintenance

Designed to fit any truck bed, and does not take away from the original use of the truck.

GEN II heating unit,

  • NOT a single‐use item like patching trailers that sit in your yard when not in use
  • Hydraulic shoveling platform/tailgate is extremely useful for daily duties such as: shoveling mulch, gravel or topsoil and can also be used to lift heavy chunks of debris, tools, appliances, and tires
  • Cold patch materials are warmed to ideal temperatures using the HOT PATCH HEATER without overheating
  • Pick up truck models also available
  • Completely self-contained unit
  • No need to rely on the truck engine’s cooling system
  • Easy to remove! Just four pins and one power source to unplug
  • Easy to move from truck to truck with just an extra set of brackets
  • Runs using its own diesel or gas supply (less than a gallon per day)
  • No longer relies on the engine’s temperature to heat unit
  • Maintains an even temperature with no variations
  • Works in conjunction with the built in 120 V Pre-Heater
  • Patch material is ready to go in the morning with the dual heating system
  • The shoveling platform is designed to lower material from the truck’s bed to a comfortable shoveling height in the “safe lifting zone”. It can also be used to lift heavy tools, discarded old tires, appliances, etc.

Each unit is custom made to fit the length of your truck’s dump box. Since the units are made here in the USA, we can make other minor changes to fit your needs.

two gallon diesel tank 120 VOLT PRE-HEATER

The GEN II heating unit, 120V Pre-heater, water pump and expansion tank with pressure cap are all contained in the right side of the Hot Patch heater slide in unit. Two gallon diesel tank located on driver’s side for easy filling. Unit will run over 8 hours on less than 3/4 of a gallon of fuel. Unit Pre-Heater Included On Gen II Model


A removable gate in the front of the unit providing a place to throw pieces of concrete and asphalt removed from patch areas. *Optional Salt and Sand Spreader* Bolt the “SPREAD it HOT” unit on your modified Shoveling Platform and use your Hot Patch heater insert year round.

  • Heated truck bed insert up to 11′ long dump body
  • Includes removable hydraulic shoveling platform
  • Fabricated material is high quality grade 50 steel
  • Powder coated black in color
  • Heavy duty rubber underside insulating mat
  • Includes asphalt tarp
  • Original Unit is charged with OEM compatible anti-freeze • Gen II is a totally self-contained unit

Optional Equipment

  • Removable debris divider
  • Insulated asphalt tarp
  • Salt and sand spreader
  • Custom lifting straps

Product Literature:

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