2020 International HV507 Plow Truck

2020 International HV507 Plow Truck

Henderson 11’ Mark E Heavy Duty Dump Body and Hoist

One Piece 201 stainless steel 7 gauge sides and front head sheet
One piece 1/4" AR400 seamless floor
7 Gauge 201 stainless steel full depth rear corner posts
Body is natural stainless steel finish
Mailhot CS 100-4.5-3 DA (double acting) trunnion mounted hoist
Air tailgate
22x78 stainless steel cab shield
Grip strut walk rail, both sides

Henderson TGS-9 Stainless Steel Under Tailgate Material Spreader

9” continuous flight auger
7 gauge trough and rear panel, ¼” end plates, all 201 stainless steel.
Auger is driven by high torque, low speed, 45.6 CIR motor directly coupled to the auger
201 stainless steel stationary shield mounted in front of the spinner to protect truck under carriage
Custom spill shields

Henderson RSP-12-42-IS-FT Snow- Foe Power Reversible Snow Plow

Height of moldboard: 42", Length of moldboard: 12'
Continuous welded one-piece 10 gauge Grade 50 steel moldboard, with eight 112” x 3-1/2" rolled ribs
Attack angle is adjustable to 5, 10, and 20 degrees
Full moldboard trip with two external compression springs.

Henderson Smart Link 9' Patrol Wing

Heavy duty 9' side wing
9' cutting edge, 1 piece
Patent pending rotational floating wing mast design
Easy summer removal
Full hood clearance with no side shift or tilt mechanism needed
Grade 50 steel moldboard is roll formed
Moldboard constructed of 10 gauge Grade 50, not double paneled
32" high at the toe end and 32" high at the heel
Integrated trip design provides natural trip without the need for a conventional tripping mechanism
Rotational float allows for effortless conformance to varying road conditions, virtual loss of toe dig, eliminates binding associated with conventional mast/ slides and offers up to 13" of float where as standard masts offer only 6" to 8" of float

Force America Hydraulic System

FASD45-Kit 6.0 cid front mount pump
VT-35 gallon stainless steel oil reservoir & valve enclosure
Cable Controls
5100 EX electric controls for auger and spinner


MAKE/MODEL: 2020 International HV507
ENGINE: Cummins L9-193hp
TRANSMISSION: Allison 3000 RDS Automatic
GVWR: 33,001 - 55,000 lbs
FOB: Milwaukee WI

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