Hydraulic tube and bending



The life of tubing well exceeds that of rubber hoses. Tubes are resistant to dry-rot, cracking and problem areas—all common problems for standard rubber hoses. Rubber hoses need repair and replacement, which can be costly. While the initial cost of tubing is greater than that of hoses, the overall cost is much less. Stainless steel, chromoly, and zinc chromate tubing lines are durable alternatives to standard rubber hosing.

Protect your vehicle with custom tubing from Casper’s!

Benefits of custom tubing:

  • Lines are neat and organized, as opposed to a mess of hoses.

  • Leaks within hose bundles are difficult to identify, whereas tubing is separated to allow easy identification if leaks were to occur.

  • All tubing installed on vehicles is routed to interfere as little as possible with chassis components, especially around maintenance areas such as filters and plugs.

  • All tubing installed on vehicles is not terminated rigid mount style, meaning that we use a short “whip” hose to accommodate for vibration and torsion movements, as well as expansion and contraction of lines as fluid temperature fluctuates.

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