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Casper’s combines environmentally friendly solutions, cost-reductions, and increased pavement friction with our lineup of high-capacity Salt Brine Systems. As a trusted distributor, certified installation center, and certified service center Casper’s is focused on reducing environmental impact while improving snow and ice removal operations. Cutting-edge technology from partnerships with Henderson and Camion paired with subject matter experts at Casper’s allows winter challenges to be tackled with confidence.

Mobile Brine Making Service

What Does The Customer Supply:

You will need to supply all salt needed to make the brine
Equipment and operator to load salt into the hopper
Storage tanks with 2” camlock connection
Sufficient water supply, 2” supply suggested, with 2” camlock connection. We do have the ability to connect to a hydrant and have an onboard backflow preventer.
Tanks and water supply need to be within 100 feet of each other
You will be responsible for spoils clean up after brine is made (leftover from machine cleanout)

What Does Casper’s Supply:

Brine making equipment with onboard power, all needed hoses and a brine machine operator
Production rates vary on water supply. On a 2” line with adequate pressure we see around 4,000 GPH. Typical production is around 800 gallons from each yard of clean salt.

23.3% salinity batch average brine produced
Billing is based from onsite time


Give your anti-icing brine program an advantage with BrineXtreme from Henderson Products. BrineXtreme is the perfect basic brine making workhorse. Henderson BrineXtreme is capable of quickly producing professional grade salt brine with a wide range of system choices to fit your needs. Built with high quality and durable amterials, these brine systems are designed to fit your needs for years to come.


The Brine Master®️ is over-built, plug n play, and built around a straightforward workflow. An “all-in-one” premium brine making machine at an affordable price, that comes pre-wired to approved standards with complete electronics. This unit comes in two sizes, both featuring our iconic poly and stainless steel construction.


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