Heavy Dumps

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Heavy Dump Bodies

The Casper's Edge

The pinnacle of durability and reliability widely recognized for any job, Casper’s Heavy Duty Dump Bodies are engineered to withstand the toughest challenges. Our Heavy Duty Dump Bodies offer unparalleled strength and exceptional performance. Casper’s high quality craftsmanship partnered with Bibeau, Henderson, and Duraclass guarantees unmatched value to the most rugged applications.

Featured partner

GROUPE BIBEAU, INC., manufacturer of the Bibeau dump body, offers a wide selection of dump bodies for the work truck industry. Bibeau dump bodies are manufactured in various sizes and configurations. Every model of Bibeau dump body is designed and constructed to meet a specific type of work and application. From lightduty to extra heavy-duty applications, you will find a Bibeau dump body to meet all your needs and expectations.



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